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What WeComply offers
Automated Attendance System
Revolutionize attendance tracking with WeComply's automated system, offering efficient record-keeping and quick ID-based searches for detailed time logs.
Sanction Tally System
Effortlessly monitor sanctions with WeComply, providing a clear and fair record of absences and their consequences.
Student Sanction Tracking
WeComply empowers students to stay informed about their sanctions, ensuring transparency and self-accountability.
Event Creation Simplified
WeComply makes organizing events effortless. Select dates, set time frames for morning or afternoon sessions, and manage your event schedules seamlessly.
Record Management
WeComply simplifies gathering and exporting sanction data. Effortlessly generate and export comprehensive reports for each student, detailing ID numbers, courses, and related consequences, for straightforward record management.
Clarity AI Chatbot
Get instant support with WeComply's in-built AI chatbot "Clarity AI", crafted by our founders. Whether it's navigating the app, or understanding sanctions, our smart assistant is here to help you every step of the way.
Meet the team
Built by students, for students.
Our Founding Inspiration

WeComply was conceived in response to the outdated and cumbersome methods of tracking attendance and sanctions at school events. As students, our founders regularly encountered the inefficiencies of manual attendance systems - long queues for manually taking attendance or unreliable, simplistic solutions like answering forms for attendance verification. These methods not only consumed valuable time but also compromised the integrity and purpose of school events.

Launched with the vision to streamline this process, WeComply offers a reliable and efficient alternative for managing attendance and sanctions. By transforming a tedious manual system into a smooth, automated experience, our app not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and accountability of attendance records. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in attendance management, committed to our mission of simplifying these processes. We empower institutions to focus on delivering enriching experiences, whether they're for learning, celebration, or community building.

- James Carl Melad

Copy Writer

Richmond Lavadia
Project Manager
Christian Rey Sumeran
Back-end Engineer
Remoh Mappatao
SQL Engineer
Angelo Valdez
QA Engineer
Aaron James Bumagat
Front-end Engineer
Dayle Dalmaceda
Lead Developer
James Carl Melad
Jerome Miguel
Project Coordinator
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